hey, thanks for visiting.

i’m tim, i’m a part time dj based in heidelberg. i play mostly indie/alternative/rock music at parties and events; basically the stuff that i would like to hear myself when I’m out. however, when i play a ‘mainstreamy’ event, i try to mix in a bit of everything.
i rather think of myself as a playlist that adapts to the audience than a full-on dj: i don’t do hour-long mashups or create my own techno tunes.
but i do know how to get from one song to the next smoothly, i seem to be able to tell what song fits the mood and i get people to dance and enjoy themselves, and to me, that counts.

i’ve started out djing on a ubuntu laptop, so i got used to mixxx, which is a brilliant piece of software.
nowadays, i’ve sold out and have a mac, but i still use mixxx.

my first controller was a hercules dj console rmx together with my trusty hp probook 6460b laptop on ubuntu.
later, i got a denon dj mc3000, which ended up being damaged as some guy was resisting being thrown out of a club (rest in peace, mc3000!).
currently, i’m using a denon dj mc6000 mk2 deck and a mid-2013 13” macbook air.